Minimal Waste - Eco-Conscious from A to Z

Eco-consciousness is at the heart of our company. From the start, we wanted to minimize waste of the Earth's resources. You can see how we do this for each step of the product creation.



Creating new recipes means making multiple formulas to test. In order to reduce waste, we create our test formulas in very small batches using a highly precise labratory scale. Once we develop one that meets our level of quality, we scale it up for more testing. This means that when testing different versions of a formula, instead of ending up with liters of product that is wasted, we only have a small amount which is easily used up by family and friends.

We choose ingredients that are more local and organic where possible, and use almost exclusively ingredients of natural origin.

We use re-usable or compostable materials whenever possible. For example, cloths to clean that can be washed and disenfected, or paper towels when cleaning products that are difficult to wash off (like lipsticks). All compostable materials are placed separately and composted on-site and used to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It is unavoidable that there will be waste that cannot be recycled or composted, but we create very little, less than regular household waste. Our lab also uses renewable energy for heating, cooling, and hot water, through a geothermal system. We create mystery shades using the remainder of other shades and offer our Beautifully Imperfect products for sale at a discount.


Cosmetic packaging is typically quite wasteful. We avoid bulky packaging and have no external boxes for our products. The label and ingredients are printed directly on the product (our ingredient lists are short enough to be printed on a lipstick cap!). This saves thousands of boxes that would otherwise be discarded right after receiving the products. Ironically, we noticed that most cosmetics at our local stores aren't sealed on both ends of the box, so they do not provide a guaranteed tamper-proof packaging. All our orders are shipped directly from our lab where they are handcrafted, so you know the products were made fresh just for you


When we order our ingredients and packaging, they are often shipped to us with some protective material. Instead of wasting this material, we've decided to re-use it when possible to ship our orders to you. This gives the material a second life! We also primarily use shredded paper and tissue paper that can be recycled or composted.