Become a Product Tester

As a new makeup brand, we have big plans and many future launches planned! Having your feedback on formulas we are testing out is very helpful. If you would be interested in helping us perfect our future products, please fill out the form below and we will contact you if we decide to send you some test products. We will tend to give priority to those who are also already customers. This is available to those in the US and Canada. Testing products means that you may receive multiple formulas for the same product, to get your opinion on each. We may then decide to launch one of those formulas, or a different one based on the comments from all our testers. You may also receive only one version of our formula.

Since these products will still be in the development phase, it is important that all information and details regarding these products be kept confidential, as any opinions on the test formula may not be the same as our final version, and we do not want our products to be revealed before the launch date. Even after the launch date, any criticism or concerns about the test formulas must remain confidential, as they may not be the same as the final version. Of course, once the product is released and you have tried the launched version, you are welcome to leave a review.