Certified Cruelty Free

In many countries, including Canada and the US, there are no regulations on the term cruelty-free. Anyone can claim it, without it necessarily being true. This is why certain organizations such as Leaping Bunny and PETA offer their own logos and criteria for being cruelty free. However, PETA doesn't actually certify products. They ask the company's CEO to sign a paper stating that they do not and will not test on animals. However, this is of course only as good as the person's word, as the truth isn't verified. With Leaping Bunny, they certify each step of the manufacturing, and every supplier and manufacturer has to confirm that they do not and will not test on animals. Leaping Bunny also does audits to confirm, and companies must redo this process yearly. For these reasons, we decided to choose Leaping Bunny as our certifier as we want our customers to have the assurance that our products are never tested on animals, only on family, friends, and other (human) volunteers!