8 Never-Fail Organic Lipstick Brands To Try

Published October 2023
8 Never-Fail Organic Lipstick Brands To Try
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We’ve put together this list of organic lipsticks because simply put: lipstick is iconic. From the classic red lip to the romanticized scenes of people carefully applying it in movies. Lipstick is more than just makeup. It’s a whole mood!

Unfortunately, conventional makeup brands don’t account for the fact that some of the ingredients they use to help us add that pop of color or to complete our look are toxic or potentially harmful to us. Even though it goes right on our lips, and we practically eat as the day goes on. I mean… we all know the taste of lipstick for a reason… 

Though this might feel like common sense to some of us, it is not. Even with higher-end brands that charge premium prices for their luxury goods. So here’s a list of our favorite brands for some of the best organic lipstick options that slay — minus the harmful ingredients!

Our Top picks for organic lipstick

8 Never-Fail Organic Lipstick Brands To Try


Hailing from Canada, Zakiella has identified and filled a void in the vibrant, natural makeup scene. They took a bold step beyond the usual neutral shades in clean beauty, introducing colors from bright lipsticks to eyeshadows in blues and purples.

Zakiella's core mission is Reimagining Clean Beauty™, emphasizing diverse shade offerings and ditching microplastic ingredients. A standout feature? Their eyeshadow refills—an eco-friendly innovation that combats waste, allowing users to customize palettes or simply refresh a favored shade.

Their dedication to transparency shines through their website. Every product’s ingredients are clearly listed, backed by images for clarity. Their commitment runs deep—be it the Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free stamp, a stance against child-labor mica, or the exclusion of talc, PFAS, and silicones.

Interestingly, they’ve chosen the synthetic Red 7 for certain lipsticks, a conscious decision to avoid aluminum and align with FDA standards.

Customers will find an easy breakdown of natural ingredient percentages when navigating their website. Whether it's a 100% natural selection or something vibrant yet over 95% natural, Zakiella caters to all.

On the packaging front, Zakiella embraces minimalism. Labels are printed directly onto products, both cutting waste and ensuring a concise ingredient list, given the space constraints.

Zakiella’s Lipstick Range

Zakiella's lipsticks, crafted from natural and organic ingredients, promise the luxury of a lip balm with the pigment intensity of high-end makeup. Glide on their silky formula, and you’re met with a satin finish that moisturizes all day.

For those seeking the ultra-matte look without compromising lip care, Zakiella’s unique blend, free from microplastics, offers a bold, velvety touch, thanks to the infusion of nourishing castor oil.

Their Lip Radiance collection, a harmonious blend of balm, gloss, and oil, hydrates with organic castor oil and Lanolin—known for its moisture-locking properties. Always delivering a glossy finish minus the stickiness, Zakiella ensures you have many shades to find your signature lip glow.

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