Why Organic Beeswax is Better for the Planet

Why Organic Beeswax is Better for the Planet

Published November 29, 2023

Beeswax molded in the shape of a honeycomb, along with aluminium tins of balm made with beeswax shown with the text saying: Why organic beeswax is better for the planetWhen it comes to the world of beauty, is there anything quite as special as beeswax? This natural ingredient, with its distinctive texture and feel that it lends to formulations, is a beauty superstar that's hard to substitute. While some companies lean towards using synthetic beeswax in vegan formulations, the original version made by the bees is actually the more environmentally conscious choice.

Let me tell you why you should say 'no' to synthetic beeswax. This substitute is largely derived from petroleum, which demands a lot of energy to obtain and leaves a large environmental footprint (for more, see WWF). It's not biodegradable, unlike natural beeswax which beautifully composts back into the earth.

The love for organic beeswax in cosmetics goes beyond just the unique texture and feel it offers. It's about supporting the health of our lovely bees, looking out for your health, and loving our planet. Organic beekeeping practices allow our tiny friends to live their lives as they would in nature, with the added benefit of care when needed.
Honey bees on flowers
Non-organic farming practices include clipping queen bee wings to prevent them from leaving. Organic beekeeping, on the other hand, ensures queen bees can keep their wings, relying on providing better conditions for the bees to keep them happy in their hives (see COG's Guide).

But here's the clincher. The US loses a third of their hives annually due to rampant insecticide use (Purdue). Organic beekeeping opposes synthetic pesticides and mandates a minimum safe distancing of the hives from non-organic farms (see COG's Guide). This keeps hazardous chemicals at bay, leading to healthier, happier bees. 

Honey bees working

These amazing pollinators also play a crucial role in our food supply. Honey bees raised by beekeepers are the United State's primary pollinators which are essential for more than a third of all crop production in the US, from nuts to berries and flowering vegetables (USDA). So, not only do organic beeswax-containing products enhance your natural beauty, but by supporting ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices, you're also supporting local food production.

So, next time you enjoy your favorite cosmetics, remember the smooth application and enduring finish that beeswax lends is more than just skin deep. By choosing organic beeswax, we're choosing a radiant, natural glow — one that reflects both outer beauty and inner values.


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Zahra Kihel is a passionate cosmetic formulator with over a decade of experience, as well as the co-founder of Zakiella, a clean beauty brand dedicated to creating high-quality makeup with natural and organic ingredients. She also holds an Honours Bachelor's degree with First Class Standing in business economics which she believes has helped contribute a unique dimension to her understanding of the beauty industry. When Zahra's not formulating innovative beauty blends, she loves spending time in the countryside. Make sure to check out her clean beauty products at Zakiella.com

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