Waterless Beauty: Everything You Need to Know About This Beauty Movement

Waterless Beauty: Everything You Need to Know About This Beauty Movement

September 26, 2023

Let's talk about Waterless Beauty, a movement that's changing the way we approach beauty. This is a profound shift in the conception of skincare and beauty that respects not just you but also the world around you. So, what exactly is it, you ask? Let's dive right in!

Waterless Beauty: A Deep Dive into Sustainability

All About Waterless Beauty

Waterless Beauty is all about reducing water consumption in skincare and beauty products. Traditional beauty products often consist of a high percentage of water, which tends to dilute these products. This involves shipping that water (quite literally) around the world to reach customers. The thing is, when it comes to beauty, it's what's inside that truly counts! By introducing more concentrated products into the market, like ultra-rich shampoo concentrates or water-free foundations, we achieve two goals — a better and more effective beauty routine and a significant reduction in our water footprint.

Water in Beauty Products - It's Not All Bad

Now let's be clear, water isn't a bad guy in our beauty routines. In fact, it has its place! It's worth knowing that water and oils in skincare form a magnificent duo in delivering nourishment to our skin. Let's take moisturizers, for example. A product with a balanced mix of quality oils and water can hydrate your skin more effectively compared to one that contains only oils or only water.

Water also allows us to use water-soluble ingredients that can have great benefits for the skin and wouldn't be usable otherwise (think of mixing salt in oil, you'll get a grainy product that might work well as a body scrub, but not have the myriad of uses that saline solution - water and salt - can have). It's all about being mindful of what your desired outcome is.

We also understand the convenience and benefits of all-in-one, ready-made products that contain water, so we don't want to rule them out altogether.

Striking a Balance

But, here's the real talk: we think it's time to be more mindful about our water consumption, and the Waterless Beauty movement helps us follow this path in our beauty routines. Fresh and clean water isn’t an unlimited resource, so why not focus on more concentrated, effective products that don't require shipping water to work their magic? Some may be used in their concentrated form, others can be diluted with water right before using, so packaging and shipping waste is reduced.

For us, a well-rounded Waterless Beauty approach doesn't mean shunning water completely. Instead, it's about embracing a more mindful attitude towards water usage, leaning towards products that are rich in nourishing ingredients, rather than those diluted primarily with water.

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Incorporating Waterless Beauty into our beauty routines is not just about personal skin care, but it's also about contributing to healthier and more sustainable practices. It's all about incorporating small steps towards creating a more sustainable world. To know you can make a positive difference while still looking and feeling fabulous? Now, that's what we call a beautiful pairing!


About the author:

Zahra Kihel wearing matte red lipstick in the shade Rebelle by Zakiella

Zahra Kihel is a passionate cosmetic formulator with over a decade of experience, as well as the co-founder of Zakiella, a clean beauty brand dedicated to creating high-quality makeup with natural and organic ingredients. She also holds an Honours Bachelor's degree with First Class Standing in business economics which she believes has helped contribute a unique dimension to her understanding of the beauty industry. When Zahra's not formulating innovative beauty blends, she loves spending time in the countryside.

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